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Matthew Carter

AYRTON AY010240, 300Watt LED Moving Head Wash

AYRTON AY010240, 300Watt LED Moving Head Wash

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The AYRTON AY010240 300-Watt LED Moving Head Wash can produce ultra-high output, generating metallic white light calibrated at 7000 K and is specially designed for stage applications. The TC version, geared for situations that require perfect color rendition, has a native color rendering index greater than 90 and high TM30 readings. Feature-rich from the factory, Levante is not only equipped with a barndoor module but also a CMY color mixing system, which, combined with a variable CTO and a wheel with seven complementary colors, produces an infinite palette of vivid pastels and saturated colors. A 15-blade iris diaphragm and a wheel with seven indexable rotating gobos are supplied as standard equipment. A new ultra-compact high-output 550 W power supply feeds eight additional motors in the barndoor system, fitting into the same format as Mistral. Levante has a highly efficient phase-change liquid cooling system using a heat pipe that includes a particularly effective ultra-silent ventilation mode, designed for stage and studio applications.

Product Specification:

Dimensions: 16.92 x 25.98 x 11.02

Weight: 48.50

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