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Matthew Carter

AYRTON AY010640Bora 750W LED Beam Wash

AYRTON AY010640Bora 750W LED Beam Wash

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The AYRTON AY010640Bora 750W LED Beam & Wash feature-packed 750 W wash luminaire, using a radical approach. Its specific function is to establish the perfect atmosphere for your creative design. Fitted with a frontal 178 mm spherical lens, the proprietary optical system using 13 high-quality lenses was developed specifically for 閳ユ辅ash閳?applications. It features an 8:1 zoom ratio for a wide zoom range from 8鎺?to 64鎺? The optics produces an extremely uniform flat beam with no hot spot, ensuring a perfectly homogeneous color mix regardless of the color combination selected.

BORA comes in two versions, each to meet the specific requirements of lighting professionals. BORA-S is designed for scenic applications. It is equipped with a new LED module calibrated at 8000 K, delivering powerful metallic white light with record-breaking output of 40,000 lumens. Devised specifically for applications that require perfect color reproduction, BORA-TC is equipped with an entirely new LED module using a monochromatic light source calibrated at 7000 K with a native color rendering index greater than 90, and extremely high TM30 readings.

Product Specification:

Dimensions: 19.44 x 29.01 x 11.02

Weight: 83.3 lbs

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