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Matthew Carter

Ayrton DOMINO LT 1,000Watt Led Module

Ayrton DOMINO LT 1,000Watt Led Module

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The Ayrton DOMINO LT 1,000-Watt Led Module is the first all-terrain LED luminaire in the 鑺?LT 绂?(Long Throw) range designed for intensive outdoor use in long-distance applications requiring high precision. To create this extreme luminaire unrivalled on the market, AYRTON has used 閳ユ反XL閳?225 mm-diameter frontal optics weighing 7 kg that can obtain an ultra-intensive beam. The proprietary optical system has 13 lenses, delivering a 15:1 zoom ratio and a zoom range of 3.5鎺?to 53鎺? DOMINO LT was developed to cope with the most extreme conditions, able to acclimate to all types of environments and endure rapid climate change. For this purpose, DOMINO LT has borrowed from the style and minimalist design of DOMINO PROFILE, incorporating full weather-proofing features while ensuring total accessibility to the luminaire閳ユ獨 internal functions. With its new die-cast aluminum frame, the luminaire uses the same base, reducing its visual footprint to a minimum. For greater efficiency, DOMINO LT has a highly effective next-generation, oversized cooling system fitted with six submersible fans outside its weatherproof enclosure.

DOMINO LT adopts the complex color mixing system of HURAC鑴昇 PROFILE, offering a double level of CMY saturation that can obtain 281 trillion colors (patent pending) and a triple corrector for variable color temperature that allows subtle adjustment from 2700 K to 15000 K and significant CRI improvement. Fitted with multiple optical tools for shaping light, DOMINO LT is factory-equipped with a linear progressive frost system, a lightweight frost filter, and two image-multiplying rotating prisms: one is linear with four facets and the other is circular with five facets. The framing section enables precise positioning of each shutter blade on a 100% surface area. The effects section includes two superimposed rotating gobo wheels each with seven gobos, a 15-blade iris diaphragm, a monochromatic multi-position effects wheel, and an RGB and CMY effects wheel for unique multicolor effects. DOMINO LT is a unique luminaire designed to face the most extreme conditions. It is the ultimate tool for stadiums and large arenas.

Product Specifications:

Package Weight: 132.27 lb

Box Dimensions (LxWxH): 30.11鈥?x 26.18鈥?x 21.85鈥?/p>

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