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Matthew Carter

Baby Brezza Formula Pro Advanced Baby Formula Dispenser WiFi

Baby Brezza Formula Pro Advanced Baby Formula Dispenser WiFi

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Instantly warms up a bottle of formula automatically BPA-FREE Water and formula are mixed with patented mixing technology to get the ideal consistency. Set up five distinct bottles using the app; select from three temperature options, one ounce of water alone, or one ounce of dispensing between two and ten ounces. Compatible with almost all formula brands and bottle types With the FREE Baby Brezza app, it's simple to set up and use (IOS and Android) Hand scooping is not as precise, reliable, sanitary, or quick as this method. Dispensed from an airtight powder container is the formula. When used properly, receive alerts on your phone about bottle readiness, low formula/water, and empty bottle. Certain formula powders, including specialized powders that are intrinsically challenging to blend with water, may exhibit some clumping.

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