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Matthew Carter

BStock: Mackie MR6mk3 6.5 Powered Studio Monitor

BStock: Mackie MR6mk3 6.5 Powered Studio Monitor

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The Mackie MRmk3 monitors are packed with features to enhance the listening experience. From the added punch and bass extension provided by the custom-tuned ports to the rugged all-wood cabinet packed with sound-tightening acoustic absorption material, MRmk3 monitors are designed for music.

The design of the MRmk3 Powered Studio Monitors started with music. The result is acoustic optimization through features such as MRmk3鈥檚 all new minimum-diffraction waveguide that delivers unmatched clarity and an open feel that instantly connects you to the music. Furthermore, optimized electronics as well as custom-matched amps and drivers add in clarity and balance unlike anything else in their price range.

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