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Matthew Carter

Canine Chews Natural Bully Sticks Dog Treats, 12 12 ct.

Canine Chews Natural Bully Sticks Dog Treats, 12 12 ct.

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Canine Chews Natural Bully Sticks Dog Treats, 12閳?(12 ct.)
  • 鑱紻ENTAL CHEW bully sticks gently scrape plaque and tartar away from the dog閳ユ獨 teeth. Vet閳ユ獨 recommend dental care as a top priority for dog owners
  • 鑱?2 BULLY STICKS FOR LARGE DOGS thick 12閳?bully sticks for aggressive chewers will make the fun last longer!
  • 鑱紸LL NATURAL SAVORY TASTE 100% single ingredient beef bullies will make your dog drool and not want to share! All natural means low odor and these are NOT chemically treated and therefore not odor free
  • 鑱絋HICK 12 INCH BULLIES large dogs will love these 12閳?bully sticks as one of the best sellers in the market you can閳ユ獩 go wrong
  • 鑱絃ONG LASTING occupational dog chew that will large your aggressive chewer between 15-45 minutes per bully stick depending on chew strength. Dog閳ユ獨 have a natural urge to chew so bully sticks are a great way to save your shoes and furniture!

Canine Chews 12閳?12 pack bully sticks for large dogs is a long lasting all natural chew perfect for your aggressive chewing dog of any age. These low odor bully sticks are NOT odor free and therefore not recommended for a small apartment or confined space but are home safe and will not stain carpets or furniture. Dog閳ユ獨 have a natural urge to chew and bully sticks are a must-have for dog owners who want a highly digestible all natural single ingredient long lasting chew to occupy their large furbaby. The premium beef is antibiotic and hormone free. The beef pizzle is gently dried and cut to the desired 12 inch length before being hand selected to ensure the highest quality for your pup. Our highly accredited facility in Mexico has been serving the USA market for over 25 years and takes the utmost care and pride when packing your order. As we say, Canine Chews makes the fun last longer!

Delicious flavor that dogs love in a long-lasting chew that will keep them happy and entertained. These sticks help promote healthy teeth and gums through mechanical action. Great taste at a great value, too.


  • (12) 12閳?Bully Sticks鑱絘t one great price
  • Delicious all-natural bully stick flavor that dogs love
  • Long-lasting chew to keep your dog entertained
  • Helps promote healthy teeth and gums
  • Slow baked to ensure long-lasting flavor
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