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Matthew Carter

Cap Barbell High Density 1/2

Cap Barbell High Density 1/2

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Protect the floors in your multi-purpose space from wear and tear with these CAP Barbell High-Density 1/2-inch Thick EVA Foam Puzzle Mat, 6-Pieces, 20.78 Square Feet. Each one is constructed of mildew-resistant and odor-free EVA foam material that comes with interlocking finishing edges to provide a smooth look. This six piece puzzle mat is easy to connect or disconnect as necessary whenever you need hard floor surfaces cushioned from heavy sports equipment or foot traffic. The non-slip mats are durable enough to withstand hours of daily use and are easy to keep clean with a damp cloth. They're ideal for covering floors in laundry rooms, home gyms or kid's playrooms and help absorb any shocks and impacts. The mats are soft and comfortable enough for you to walk on them in bare feet as you exercise. You can purchase additional home gym mat sets if you need to expand floor coverage in any room.

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