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Matthew Carter

Captain Morgan Orange Vanilla Twist (750 ml)

Captain Morgan Orange Vanilla Twist (750 ml)

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Captain Morgan has been sold in the US since 1984. Adorned with the iconic artwork by award-winning artist Don Maitz, it's one of the largest spirit brands on American soil and an instantly-recognizable classic. Distilled from sugar cane in continuous stills it is first aged for up to a year before the proprietary recipe of spices and flavors are added. Various indigenous Caribbean spices contribute to its distinct flavor profile. The lineup has expanded considerably with various additions ranging from Pineapple and Coconut Rum to Captain Morgan Apple Smash, a Private Stock offering, and several others. Captain Morgan Original Spiced Rum, naturally, remains their flagship offering. Captain Morgan Orange Vanilla Twist combines their classic rum with the addition of orange and vanilla for a refreshing and fruity 60-proof offering. It's a limited summertime edition that adds a sweet and fruity creaminess to the iconic spiced rum recipe and goes perfect with some ice or mixed with cola or ginger ale. Get ready for the summer with one of these limited-edition bottles today!

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