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Matthew Carter

Car Vacuum Cleaner Cordless Powerful

Car Vacuum Cleaner Cordless Powerful

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Perfectly鑱絚lean鑱統our car鑱絯ith鑱給ur鑱絍acuum鑱紺leaner ?

Sometimes dirt accumulates in your car and you want to clean every corner: now you can do it with this accessory.

  • High suction power up to 7000 Pa
  • Cordless handheld design
  • Lightweight and ergonomic
  • Fast charge and long life
  • Quiet, less than 80 dB
  • Resistant to high temperatures
  • Suitable for all surfaces


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閿?Our Car Vacuum Cleaner Benefits

The lightweight cordless design helps you enjoy freedom of movement and easy cleaning wherever you go.

  • It can be used anywhere: home, car, office, kitchen鈥?/li>
  • Curved handle fits most hands
  • Doesn鈥檛 get hot with prolonged use
  • Small enough to fit in any space
  • Detachable HEPA filter for easy cleaning
  • Effective in both dry and wet conditions


A versatile and indispensable device for lovers of cleanliness and hygiene. Its action is quite impressive.

  • Daily use possible without problems
  • Able to explore the most difficult angles of access
  • Dust, hair, liquids: nothing resists it
  • Use it to remove spider webs
  • Very stable in your hands, easy to handle

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