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Matthew Carter

Casadio Undici 2 Group Compact

Casadio Undici 2 Group Compact

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Casadio Undici Two Group Compact


A compact and beautifully designed espresso machine from the Cimbali group. The Casadio Undici is the next innovative machine from Gruppo Cimbali with the same ease of use. adjustment. and maintenance you鈥檙e used to from Casadio. Undici. eleven in Italian. is available in this compact style perfect on any counter!

This compact Casadio is ideal for the medium volume cafe or restaurant. With its versatile semi-automatic functionality and host of new features. Undici stacks up against some of the best commercial espresso machines at a very accessible price point!

The Casadio Undici features a completely redesigned mechanical button pad. The metal buttons lay flush against the body of the machine for a streamlined and unobstructed look. Not only does the new button pad of the Undici look great. but it also makes this espresso machine incredibly user-friendly and precise.

The precision volumetric dosing buttons with LED indicator lights make this volumetric espresso machine ideal for anyone. Whether you鈥檙e a seasoned barista or new to the waitstaff. you鈥檒l be able to pull a great tasting shot with the Casadio Undici! If you鈥檙e an experienced barista. the beauty of this commercial espresso machine is the option also to pull a shot manually. Each group features a manual start and stop button for greater control of extraction. With the best of both worlds. this is the perfect semi-automatic espresso machine the seasoned barista or waitstaff that needs to be quick to the table with espresso.

UNDICI boasts a surprisingly sizeable sever-liter boiler for such a compact commercial espresso machine. The ability for the Casadio Undici to keep up with even the fastest operator and never run out of steam power is impressive in such a small package!

Note that the Casadio Undici A2 Compact comes equipped with a 220V plug (pictured above).

Multidirectional Steam Wands 2 Stainless Steel Wands Hot Water Wand 1 Boiler Capacity 7 Liters Max Power 2800 鈥?3300220姊?40V~ 50/60Hz (W) Dose Adjustment 0.19 鈥?0.28 oz Dimensions (WxDxH) 22鈥硏21鈥硏21鈥?50mmx528mmx529mm Weight 104 lbs Certifications RoHSNSFUL
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