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Matthew Carter

Charmin Ultra Strong Mega Roll Toilet Paper 30 Rolls

Charmin Ultra Strong Mega Roll Toilet Paper 30 Rolls

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Use Charmin Ultra Strong to clean with a sparkle. It has a diamond weave texture and is 4X stronger when wet*. It holds up well when wiping and is weaved similarly like a washcloth. You may use less* and go longer between replacing the roll** because it even cleans better. Yes, based on the quantity of sheets in Charmin standard Roll bath tissue, our Charmin Ultra Strong Mega Roll is significantly larger, equal to four standard rolls, and offers more punch for your buck, so you won't be rushing back to the store as often. For discreet flushing and clean-up, we also offer 2-ply Charmin Ultra Strong toilet paper that is clog- and septic-safe. Charmin Regular Roll***Charmin Brand according to sales figures. Nielsen 2021 dollar sales as a source.

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