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Matthew Carter

Chefs Choice ScissorPro Diamond Hone Scissors Sharpener M500

Chefs Choice ScissorPro Diamond Hone Scissors Sharpener M500

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Chef鈥檚 Choice ScissorPro Diamond Hone Scissors Sharpener M500Innovative Technology
  • Two-Stage sharpener featuring 100% Diamond abrasives in both stages.
  • The ScissorPro is safe for all scissors and shears since the blade never detempers, or overheats.
  • There鈥檚 no need to disassemble when sharpening.
  • The patented angle precision guides use advanced spring technology to hold the blade at just the right angle for sharpening. Don鈥檛 bother with your protractor or sextant, because there鈥檚 no guesswork involved!


  • Kitchen/Household Scissors
  • Sewing/Craft Scissors
  • Poultry/Kitchen Shears
  • Left or Right Handed Scissors

Why you should use a Chef鈥檚 Choice Sharpener

Diamonds happen to be the hardest known material on the planet. The majority of Chef鈥檚 Choice sharpeners use 100% diamond abrasives which speed up the sharpening process and make it more efficient. They will sharpen more aggressively and quickly without overheating and damaging the sharp edge. No lubricants or oils are required to maintain the diamond coated conical disks. Pretty impressive for a machine that sharpens at the challenging speed of 3,600 RPM. EdgeCraft, the company behind Chef鈥檚 Choice, have done nothing short of mastering the manual and electric knife sharpener. The goal of the company when they were founded in 1986, the very reason for their existence, was to create THE best knife sharpener in the entire world. They accomplished that feat and continue to top themselves through the Chef鈥檚 Choice brand.

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