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Matthew Carter

CIPA - 11401 - Towing Mirror

CIPA - 11401 - Towing Mirror

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Cipa's custom towing mirrors were designed to fit over standard factory rearview side mirrors, and are available in over 40 exclusive applications to fit a variety of popular truck and SUV models. The Cipa custom towing mirror is durable, aerodynamic, and sleeve fitted to the vehicles specifications. These mirrors will slide snugly over the vehicles existing rearview side mirror, and features an additional adjustable mirror on the outboard end that extends the towing vision, without obstructing the existing vehicle mirror. No tools are required, and no marks or holes are left on the vehicle. The Cipa towing mirrors and installation knobs are made with durable ABS plastic known for its strength, rigidity, and unbreakable security. The mirror face is made with scratch-resistant glass for years of unobstructed towing use. The installation wedges are formed from a polypropylene plastic that has excellent long-term shape conformity, and provides years of installation reliability. Cipa custom towing mirrors can withstand the elements to provide increased all-weather towing vision capability. This kit includes 1 driver side mirror, 1 installation knob, 1 installation wedge, and illustrated installation instructions. Note: This mirror will not fit over extendable mirrors or the SLT version. Expand the horizons.

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